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The Break-up is Now Available EVERYWHERE!

Dear Reader, I’m thrilled to announce that as of this morning, the fifth and final book in the Full Hearts series, The Break-up, is NOW available at ALL retailers! What if Mr. Right showed up at exactly the wrong time? When America’s sweetheart, Courtney Bennett, finds out her husband, Brock McCain, America’s heartthrob, is leaving… Continue reading The Break-up is Now Available EVERYWHERE!

News Updates & Giveaways

The Break-Up Sneak Peak Chapters

It's only 3 days to go until The Break-Up is released. I'm giving followers of my blog the chance to read the first two chapters of the book before general release. There's still time to pre-order The Break-Up and get a bonus box set of books FREE. PRE-ORDER TODAY: CHAPTER ONE Aspen, Colorado “Knock, knock!”… Continue reading The Break-Up Sneak Peak Chapters

On Writing

Behind the Scenes of a Hollywood Break-up

As the old song says, “Breaking up is hard to do.”  This is certainly true for most—anger, grieving lost dreams, and rejection have one or both parties feeling like the pain will never end. It’s not something you’d wish on your worst enemy. (Well, maybe that complete dick from high school who told everyone you… Continue reading Behind the Scenes of a Hollywood Break-up

News Updates & Giveaways

Interview and Giveaway

Hello Again! I’m back with another interview and giveaway. I just can’t seem to stop myself… I’m the featured author for April on the lovely and talented, Kelly Collins’ website! Please come on over to read our interview and for your chance to win. She’s got some very great prizes running!!Getting-Intimate-with-MJ-Summers/c1q8z/56f6e7da0cf213d90db67d7e While you’re there,… Continue reading Interview and Giveaway