5 Tips to Get Back That Loving Feeling


  1. Loving Feeling TagWhen it comes to romantic interludes, confidence is queen. Stop worrying about what you look like when you are in bed! Period. Generally speaking, men are just so happy to be having sex, they couldn’t care less about whether the woman they are with has flat abs or not. Sex is about touch, connection and attitude. If you are feeling self-conscious about your body, it will stop you from enjoying yourself and from really connecting with your partner. If you are feeling sexy, you’ll relax, stay in the moment and move in ways that drive your man wild.  So forget about how thick your thighs are and just enjoy each sensation as it comes.
  2. Think about sex at times when you aren’t having it. Read sexy books or magazines, look up new positions on the internet. This will help get your body and mind in the right space for later. Women often have so much on their minds that they can go days or weeks even without thinking about sex. Take a “sexy thoughts break” for a few minutes each day. It’s FUN! It can be the best part of your day.
  3. Take care of your skin. Exfoliate your entire body regularly. Follow by a nourishing body cream. (Note, exfoliating scrubs and cream do not need to be expensive in order to work.) Rub on a little more cream right before you go to bed. The act of caring for yourself like this will make you feel more sensual and relaxed, not to mention make your skin feel like silk, which is very appealing to most guys.
  4. Buy some massage oil and a luxury plush blanket to put down on your bed. The blanket will give you another sensual point of touch for your skin, not to mention keep your sheets from getting oil-stained.
  5. Try listening to some sexy music while you’re in bed. Make a playlist ahead of time, even just a few songs on repeat. Give it a go. It really adds something extra and if you’re a person who has trouble getting lost in the moment, this may help