Dont Let go – Novella

1.5 Don't Let Go March 2016 CoverThe Full Hearts Series (A Novella)

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Alicia Williams has been in love with Ben Mitchell since he picked her up out of the mud in elementary school. But baseball-obsessed Ben has dreams to make it to the majors and see the world, and those dreams don’t include the girl next door, no matter how perfect she is. Ben is forced to choose and he leaves Alicia behind – but dreams can change and regrets can grow. When Ben returns back home to the ranch in Colorado Springs, trying to re-discover the man he was meant to be, will the girl he can’t get off his mind still be waiting?

Join Ben and Alicia in ‘Don’t Let Go’ as they fall in love and discover that sometimes life’s greatest adventure is the one you find at home.

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“I enjoy MJ Summers’ writing and Colorado characters so much that I had to re-read Cole and Claire’s story. More, please!!!”

“Great novella! I really like MJ’s writing style she really draws me in. Looking forward to reading Breaking Love.”

“Perfect for a day at the beach or an escape during a summer journey!”


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    • Hi Nathy,
      Thank you so much for your inquiry! For now, Don’t Let Go is an e-book only due to the fact that it is a short story (approximately 60 pages). My publishers and I have discussed adding it to a print version of either Break in Two or Breaking Love for a boxed set at some point in the future, however this is not a certainty at this point. If it does happen, I’ll be sure to let those on my reader list know and will certainly post about it on my website.
      All the best to you and yours,

  2. sylvie cusson says:

    I absolutely loved your books, i’ve only discovered this new passion of reading romance novels sinc a year now and u are right up there with Sylvia Day and Maya Banks of my favorite authors. Keep going Im a big fan of yours now.

    • Dear Sylvie,
      Thank you so much for your note! That is one of the most kind things I’ve ever read about myself. I am truly honoured that you would put me in league with two of my romance heroines. You’ve made my week!
      All my best,

  3. Traci says:

    I just finished reading Break in Two and it was awesome. I am now trying to get the secret scenes giveaway, since I wrote a review on amazon, but it says the second step is to come to your website and I can’t find it on here.

    • Hi Traci – glad you enjoyed Break In Two. The Secret Scenes are on the Break In Two page – half way down is a big red button. Follow that link, fill in the information and your secret scenes book is delivered to your inbox. There’s also one for Breaking Love and Breaking Clear, was released today! Enjoy, MJ

  4. Blanche Warren says:

    I really enjoyed your books and am looking forward to reaing more books by you. I always have my kindle with me and my nose stuck in a book. I would recommend your books to anyone that likes a well written storyline.

  5. pettoi says:

    I recently have become a huge fan. It’s rare to find a writer with such skill with dialogue and ease with banter. I love it. It’s witty, amusing, and engrossing. I can fly through each book without missing a beat. Can’t say enough about your talent.

  6. Verita says:

    I really enjoy breaking in two
    It keep me wanting to know what was next for our two love birds.. They way the fell in love at first sight how they tried to fight it… Looking forward to seeing more from you… Thanks

  7. teha suhaimi says:

    i recently reading your second book breaking love after finish for the first book break in two…seriously cant get away cole and claire from my mind…their character just too sweet…im looking forward to see more from you…:)

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