Breaking Hearts

BreakingHearts March 2016The Full Hearts Series (Book 4)

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Three years have passed since handsome, devil-may-care Trey Johnson betrayed his cousin, Cole, and left the family ranch in Colorado behind. Guilt-ridden, a reformed Trey has kept his nose to the grindstone and has done his best to distance himself from his reckless past. Now he’s shocked to discover that he is about to become a full-time father to his son, a child he barely knows.

Travelling to Brazil, Trey embarks on the fight of his life in order to bring his little boy home. Broke and very much alone, the last thing he expects is to find himself falling for Alessandra Santos, his son’s nanny. The sparks between them fly, but is there too much at stake?

Alessandra, obedient daughter and top law student, always does what others expect. Whether trying to meet the expectations of her hard-nosed mother or the unreasonable demands of her employer, Alessandra finds it almost impossible to reach for what she really wants. But now that Trey Johnson has sauntered into her life, she will have to find her true voice or lose him forever.

Joined by the fate of a little boy, Alessandra and Trey must decide if they can find a way to open their hearts to each other or turn away from a chance at love.


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“Love this Series and this book….It’s an emotional, and delicious journey” ~ Dawn, NetGalley Reviewer

“I loved this book. I couldn’t put it down until I was done reading it at 3:30 A.M. I hope that there will be another book in this series. I definitely recommend this to read” ~ Christina M. Netgalley Reviewer

“Surprising journey of love and redemption” ~ Mary, Netgalley Reviewer

“Cowboys, romance, humor, heartbreak… Did I mention cowboys? Another great read from M J Summers! So glad I got an ARC, because the wait to read this one was going to kill me!” ~ Melissa, Effing Book Club, Arizona

“My heart was wrenched! I have truly relished this entire series, Ms. Summers has skills” ~ DJ, NetGalley