Breaking Clear

3 Breaking Clear March 2016The Full Hearts Series (Book 3)

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As art director of Style magazine in Manhattan, Harper Young’s life is glamorous and fast-paced, just the way she likes it. This small-town girl has left her roots and her painful past a million miles away—until one phone call changes everything. It’s time to face her childhood and the man she left behind . . .

When Evan Donovan isn’t on a construction site, he is usually hanging from a cliff somewhere. He’s been dealt a rough hand when it comes to love and now believes in keeping things simple. But when Harper Young drops back into his life, things suddenly get complicated. He resolves to stay away, but the pull he feels toward her is just too strong. Harper and Evan quickly find themselves in each other’s arms, telling themselves they’re together only for now and that soon they’ll go back to their very different lives.

But true love doesn’t exactly play by the rules—before long, they’re falling hard and fast. Soon they will have to ask themselves whether they’re brave enough to put it all on the line and fight for their forever . . .

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“This book had just the right amount of humor, sarcasm and heart-wrenching moments that made this a really good read for me. Very rarely does a book make me literally hold my breath or has me feeling that actually ache in my heart for a character, but I did both” ~ Three Chicks Review for Netgalley

“This is a perfect steamy fun summer beach read! Another sweet, lovely love story from a master storyteller. This is a must-read!!” ~ Melissa, Effen Book Club, Arizona

“Once I started I didn’t want to put down my kindle. The story flows so well that you lose yourself in the characters. These are beautiful stories, with wonderful characters” ~ Erin, Sassy Moms Say Read Romance Book Blog

“5 amazingly beautiful stars!! Another great book in this series that I fell in love with!! Great character development and the story flowed so well!” ~ Melissa, Netgalley Reviewer

“Being a blogger sometimes gets overwhelming, but then I remember that I’m lucky enough to find new authors that go on my LOVE list, that I may or may not have found otherwise. MJ Summers is now on that list. WOW! I LOVED this book and series…Evan was so drool worthy, strong, and also vulnerable. He and Harper made an off the charts HOT, powerhouse couple. MJ Summers writing style was fantastic, and I got to really know her characters like they were friends of mine. I’m seriously attached to Harper and Evan now, and honestly, I WANT, no NEED more of them, and still emotionally charged after finishing the book. Great book and I highly recommend it to all” ~ Jennifer, The Power of Three Readers Book Blog

“It is always such a delight when you find a read that takes you away. This is not only going on my favorites shelf but my favorites of the year. This is a tender romance with a lot of heart. Bravo Ms. Summers!” ~ Elizabeth, Crazies R Us Book Blog

“5 Crazy Ass Stars!!!!! I really enjoyed this book! I devoured it overnight. I’m gonna be useless today but it was so worth the two hours of sleep I got. Harper & Evan’s story had me hook, line, and sinker right from the start. This was my first M.J. Summers read but definitely will not be my last. I loved her writing!” ~ Crazy Daisy, GoodReads Reviewer

“This book has it all. The love story is so wonderful and the sex is so hot. Parts of it will break your heart but Evan and Harper are SO funny with each other ,I would have to stop reading I laughed so hard. Like I said, this book has it all” ~ Laurie, GoodReads Reviewer

“It was fabulous! M.J. Summers keeps getting better and better. Can’t wait for the next book” ~ Crystal, GoodReads Reviewer