What NOT To Say To The Woman You Love

What not to say tagRemember this 1 Rule:

Is what you are about to say a line that the guy who gets the girl in the romantic movie would say, or would it come out of the guy’s mouth who is about to get kicked to the curb?

Let me explain. Anything that makes a woman feel belittled, made fun of, stupid, silly, embarrassed, condescended to and/or threatened should NOT be coming out of your mouth. You want to be the guy who protects her from that guy, the one who hugs her when someone has been horrid to her at work, the one who supports her when she has a crazy dream.

Need to be right all the time? Well you’ll be right if you’re guessing she won’t be in the mood very often.

Need to say “I told you so” when she messes up? You aren’t going to earn any romance points with that attitude.

Wouldn’t say it in front of her friends/parents/co-workers because you know you’d sound bad? Then don’t say it when you are alone with her.

Hold your tongue at those moments and you’ll be holding her in your arms later.