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When you first started dating, were you dressing well and taking care of yourself? Sure you were.Then you lock in the woman of your dreams, life gets busy, your priorities shift and you find yourself wearing the same grease-stained shirt around the house all day on Saturday. She loves you anyway, right? Sure, but is she swooning when she sees you?

So, here’s what to do. Take a long look in the mirror. How’s your haircut? Does it need an update? Does it suit you? How’s your skin? Rough and flaky or smooth? Do you have nose hair sticking out? She has a great view of it if she’s shorter than you.


Keep It Clean

  1.  Shower everyday. Brush at least twice a day, floss and scope, especially before you go snuggle up with her. Unless you have a beard, shave regularly. That aftershave smell is like an aphrodisiac. Also, the feel of a smooth face on hers? Delicious. If you have a beard, keep it neat. The ladies aren’t exactly lusting after Grizzly Adams.
  2. Just got back from playing a sport or the gym? Toss your gym clothes in the washer and go have a shower. Don’t leave your stinky clothes for her to deal with. NOT a turn on.
  3. Wearing the same funky clothes more than one day in a row? Umm, no. Fresh clothes each day, yes.

Put in a Little Effort

  1. Hit the gym, play a sport, go running, or whatever you love to do that will keep you fit and healthy. Make it a priority and do it regularly. You guys have a sickening advantage over women. You can just do the slightest bit of exercise or cut back on beer and you drop weight like it’s molten lava. So use that to your advantage. Do a little, get a big result.
  2. Eat Right. Healthy food, including lots of fruits, veggies and lean protein make you feel more virile. They will give you that extra energy and enthusiasm for life that women love. Cut back on fast foods, food high in additives, etc.

What’s in Your Closet?

  1. If you are wearing clothes that you bought in the 90s, I have bad news for you. They don’t fit. Even if you are the same size, everybody wore their clothes too big back then. Donate them. Anything ill-fitting has got to go. Too big, or worse, too small – OUT.
  2. Anything with holes, grease or pit stains needs to be filled in the round bin, regardless of how comfortable. You can buy a new favourite shirt.
  3. Hit the stores with a stylish friend or get help from a fashion-savvy sales person. You don’t have to spend a lot to start dressing in things that make her go “Mmmm”.  My husband recently came home with a sexy European cut suit for a conference. When he tried it on for me, it was all I could do not to send the kids to bed at two in the afternoon.
Okay, so that should pretty much cover it for today. Good luck, fellas!