A Freebie & a BIG Announcement!

Greetings from Canada!

I hope this finds you well & that 2018 is off to a rip-roaring start. It’s COLD (like flesh will freeze in under a minute type cold) and BUSY  (like I’m madly finishing a novel at the same time our insurance company is driving me mad. Still dealing with the house flood we had in October! Grr). Anyway, onto bigger and better things…

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There’s a Baby on the Way for the Happy Royal Couple!

Don’t miss the heartwarming, laugh-out-loud conclusion of The Crown Jewels Romantic Comedy Trilogy…

(And I swear, this REALLY is the end of the series. Although, there may be a spinoff in the works…and maybe a cute little Christmas novella. Okay, so maybe it’s NOT the end…)

After one year of marriage, Prince Arthur and his lovely, albeit accident-prone wife, Princess Tessa, are preparing to bring an heir to the tiny kingdom of Avonia. With all eyes on Tessa, she’s determined to be one of those fabulously fit pregnant women. She could do it too if it weren’t for all the freshly-baked scones. Soon dubbed the Cowntess of Camembert, Tessa wants to go into hiding until after the baby is born, but royal life won’t wait, and she needs to figure out how to make the best of a desperate situation and win the people over once and for all.

Prince Author never thought he’d find himself involved in horribly awkward conversations about the first day of his wife’s last period, but that’s precisely what happens after that plus sign shows up on the pregnancy test. With a baby on the way, Arthur’s overprotective streak comes out in spades, and he finds himself attributing ill-intentions to everyone he meets, from the vagina-fixated obstetricians to the potential pedos everywhere.

Will Arthur calm down in time to welcome the baby? Will Tessa manage to figure out how to be the mother to the kingdom’s next heir? And most importantly, will the happy couple still be happy when the baby arrives?

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That’s it for me today, but I’ll be back soon with another BIG announcement and a fun giveaway. Happy Reading, my friends!