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March 2017 Romance Readers Survey

Hi All!

Spring has sprung and I hope you are well. Two weeks ago, I sent out a survey to help me make sure I’m meeting your reading expectations. I want to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who filled it in. I know how valuable your time is, and I am so grateful that you would give me some of it. 😊 And if you didn’t, I still love you!

Funny story: I whipped up the survey REALLY fast, set it up, and sent it, then realized that my best friend is in market research and would have most certainly helped me write up much more scientifically sound questions. Doh! Slow down, MJ. Geez.

So, here are the results, flawed as the survey may be…


That’s it! My takeaways are that you want really great stories (huge shocker there), regardless of narrative point of view, page count, or whether there are long, steamy sex scenes or not. It does seem like a lot of people do like present tense story-telling, which is a good thing because that’s how my next series is being written.

For those who will miss my steamy sex scenes, I apologize that they won’t be in my next series, but promise they’ll be back in the fall for a book I’ll be releasing then! (And to my mom, sorry that the sex scenes will be back). 😉

That’s it for now!

Cheers, my friends!