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Interview and Giveaway

2 The Break Up March 2016

Hello Again!

I’m back with another interview and giveaway. I just can’t seem to stop myself…

I’m the featured author for April on the lovely and talented, Kelly Collins’ website!

Please come on over to read our interview and for your chance to win. She’s got some very great prizes running!!Getting-Intimate-with-MJ-Summers/c1q8z/56f6e7da0cf213d90db67d7e

While you’re there, have a look at Kelly’s books. She has penned 22 stories so far, each one well-worth your time. She’s offering a starter library for free right now!

All the best,


P.S. Stay tuned. I’m going to have some terrific things coming your way this month as we gear up for the launch of The Break-up. Giveaways, sneak peeks, and special offers are on deck!