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Valentine’s Day Rescue

Make it Unforgettably Romantic without Breaking the Bank

A lot of people object to Valentine’s Day, and for good reason. Roses that will cost twenty dollars next week will be forty this weekend. Booking a restaurant can be a harrowing experience, and once you’re there, you may be hurried through your meal in time for the next seating of romance seekers. Jewelry stores push hard this time of year for sales, often causing fellows around the globe to feel sheepish if they aren’t bringing home diamonds.

Add it all together and the commercial push has many people opting out. I get it. I honestly do. However, I say, let’s not allow the pricey side of Valentine’s Day to prevent us from celebrating love. Choose to take this one day to show that special someone how much he or she means. Because, really, are there ever too many opportunities in life to say how you feel?

Here are a few fun, free ways to keep things sexy:

  • Write a Love Note, including:

– What first attracted you to him/her,

– A list of attributes your significant other has that drive you wild/make you feel all warm and fuzzy

– The moment you knew you were in love


  • Cook his/her favourite meal, or better yet, cook together:

– light a few candles and make sure to linger over dinner. Talk. Make eye contact. Laugh.

  • Make a special dessert
  • Curl up together and watch a romantic movie
  • No Tech Night

– No screens of any kind. Just think of how much more attention you’ll each give each other.

  • At-home Spa:

– Light some candles, add soft music and turn your bedroom/en suite into a private spa

– Bath/shower for two

– Turn up the heat and give each other a nice, long massage


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Have a wonderfully romantic weekend!



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