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How to Choose Lingerie She’ll Love to Wear

Buying lingerie can be intimidating for a lot of guys, so I’m taking the guesswork out of it for you. If you’re braving the stores, bring this list of tips with you, and don’t be afraid to ask a sales rep for help.

Get the Right Size

A quick peek in her closet will make sure that you get the perfect fit. If you’re shopping online, retailers have sizing guides to help you. If you’re going to the store, bring a list of sizes with you (shirt, pants, bra, and underwear). Telling the sales clerk that ‘she’s about your height and this wide,’ may not yield the results you’re looking for.

Choose Something That Will Make Her Feel Beautiful

You might like to see her in a set of pasties and a leather thong, but she might feel overexposed and self-conscious. If she loves the reflection she sees in the mirror, she’ll feel much less inhibited and much more confident.

Start by thinking about the parts of her body that she complains about:

Does she hate her tummy?

MerryWidowChoose a baby-doll fit or a merry widow (with ruching if you can find it – ruching hides all kinds of flaws).

What Exactly is Ruching?
As defined by Webster’s Dictionary: a pleated, fluted, or gathered strip of fabric used for trimming. (

ruchingSeen here in this bathing suit…

Does she wish she had bigger or perkier breasts?

Go with something with a push-up bra built in (teddy, nightie, baby-doll, merry widow).

Does she try to hide her thighs?

Go with a longer nightie.

Not sure which color to choose? Black is definitely the go-to color for any woman who worries about her body. Dark blue, such as navy, is almost as good, however. Red is racy and can definitely give her a nice glow.

That should give you a place to start. Even if you don’t get it exactly right, she’ll appreciate all the effort you went to on her behalf.

Happy Shopping!