Random Thoughts on Paris Fashion Week

Paris Fashion Week has just ended, and I have to say I’ve been especially interested this year. I’ve been putting the finishing touches on Breaking Clear (Full Hearts Book 3), the steamy (read: dirty) romance featuring my favourite fashion magazine executive, Harper Young, who you may know and love as Megan Sullivan’s best friend from Breaking Love (Full Hearts Book 2).

Harper was in attendance this week (of course) but little does she know, it will be her last one. She’s going to get a phone call on June 23rd that will change her life forever. Sounds ominous, doesn’t it? But I can’t tell you more, even though I’m so excited for you to read it that I lie awake at night with this expression:


She’s going to have some mortifying moments heading her way. Absolutely cringe worthy. And she’s going to end up living next door to the hottie of her dreams, Evan Donovan. Absolutely sponge worthy. Of course, Evan couldn’t care less about the latest trends; he’s too busy building houses and climbing insanely difficult cliffs in his spare time. For the first time in Harper’s life, she finds clothing completely annoying. His, anyway, because they cover up that yummy sculpted body.

Here’s Harper when she finally sees what’s under that t-shirt:

Surprised baby
But enough about them. Back to Fashion Week. Here are a few of my random thoughts as I’ve kept an eye on what’s been happening in Paris…

Unless you’ve been in a coma (and my apologies if you have, I’m not poking fun or anything), you’ve probably seen these pictures. I’m including them anyway because they were the number one highlight for me. Valentino sent two really, really, really ridiculously good looking surprise guests down the runway…


Ben Stiller, (Mr. Blue Steel, himself) and Owen Wilson (Hansel)


I almost forgot how funny Zoolander was until I saw this:

giphy (1)

Psst… your panties are showing.

Masha Ma

Just spotted her boyfriend checking out Kim Kardashian’s ass…

Love these boots. Too bad they would come up to my chin.


You’ve got something on your… screw it, just get out there…

You've got a little something

Try to look sad, like you just lost your puppy…

No, sadder yet. Like you found your puppy, but he got hit by a car, and he’s barely breathing and he’s in a lot of pain, and you are going to have to put him out of his misery…


No. Sad like you were given this haircut, and you have to keep it for a year…

Nailed it!

YOu win

He said he can Dere-lick his own balls!

Oh, I’m fired? Shit.

And on that note, I conclude this edition of Random Thoughts. Please know that I do view fashion as an art form and have the utmost admiration and respect for the designers and models. I also believe modeling would be a very hard job, especially during Fashion Week, and I honestly don’t know how these ladies and men do it. Random Thoughts are just me goofing around.

Stay tuned, because I’ve commissioned the very talented and lovely local artisan, Amy at Mirra Designs, to make two very chic jewelry sets for my readers! I’ll be revealing them soon and giving you the details on how you can win one!

As always, I wish you happiness and love,

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