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Make This Your Most Romantic Christmas Ever

With less than three weeks to go until Christmas, it’s easy to forget all about romance. I totally understand – you’re thinking about shopping, cooking, in-laws, wrapping gifts, attending Christmas parties and school plays. But this time of year can be wonderfully romantic if you’re in the right frame of mind.

shutterstock_171500426I’d like to invite you to squeeze in some time for romance. To make that more realistic, let’s start with ways to get through your Holiday To-Do List quickly so you’ll have time to cuddle up in front of the fireplace with your sweetie and share a bottle of wine.

  1. Get things done ahead of time: Nothing robs you of your mojo like rushing around like a maniac. Try shopping, wrapping and doing other prep as far ahead as possible, so you won’t be a ball of stress come December 24th.
  2. Go for a shopping date.If you have kids, get a sitter and make an evening of it. Have your list ready to go and hit the stores together. You can have fun with it if you are in the right frame of mine. Try to keep your patience and enjoy being a team. Reward yourselves by going out for a quiet dessert or maybe even a movie if you finish early enough.
  3. Shop online. There has never been an easier way to shop than sitting at your computer in your pajamas. There is still time to have most things shipped to you.
  4. You do NOT need to be sober to wrap presents: Grab a bottle of wine, put on your favourite romantic movie and start wrapping. Try to do it several days ahead, so you’ll have that extra satisfaction of knowing you’re ahead of the game.
  5. Lower your standards: Does the house need to be absolutely spotless to have people over? What if it was just ‘good enough,’ but you were relaxed and in a great mood? As a recovering ‘perfectionist hostess,’ I have found ‘good enough’ much better.
  6. Hire it out: If your budget isn’t stretched too far this year, consider having someone come in to clean your home right before Christmas. This can save you many hours, leaving you more relaxed. The last three years, I have ordered Christmas dinner from a catering company. It isn’t that much more expensive than buying all the ingredients, and I’m able to spend Christmas Day with my family instead of in the kitchen. On Christmas night, I don’t have achy, tired feet and the feeling like I missed out on all the fun. To make this work, I had to let go of my ego attachment to serving a wonderful meal and just decided to enjoy. I’m planning to do it again this year.
  7. Delegate: If hiring it out isn’t for you, maybe you can delegate. Are there other people in your home who can help with the preparations? If you are having relatives for a meal, can they each bring something to take the pressure off you? Don’t think you have to do it all on your own, only to end up feeling resentful when the big day arrives.
  8. Take care of yourself: Sleep enough, eat healthily, exercise, maybe go for a massage if you can? Do those important things that keep your energy levels up and put a smile on your face.
  9. Date night: Make a list of romantic things you want to do with your significant other. (For ideas, see my post on Top Five Winter Dates). Go for an evening drive or a walk to look at the Christmas lights. Book a dinner out or have a candle-lit dinner at home. Pick a favourite movie to watch together. Snuggle up on the couch under a cozy blanket and just be together. Even if you only find the time to do one or two romantic things together in the next few weeks, it will go a long way to creating wonderful, warm feelings and memories. After all, isn’t love what the holidays are all about?

Okay, so that’s it for tonight!

Merry Christmas!


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