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MJ Summers is a fresh new presence in the contemporary romance genre, making a name for herself by breaking all the rules of romance.


Break in Two (Full Hearts 1)

BreakInTwoDualCoverFind out why my debut novel became an instant Amazon Bestseller around the world

Having just discovered that her live-in boyfriend has traded her in for a twenty-two year old hostess, thirty-one year old Claire Hatley is on the run from Seattle. Devastated and alone Claire must make a fresh start. She answers an ad for a chef at a guest ranch just outside Colorado Springs and finds herself face to face with Cole Mitchell, quite possibly the sexiest man to ever ride a horse.



Don’t Let Go (Full Hearts 1.5)

DontLetGoDualCoverA sweet, romantic novella that’s grabbing all the headlines

Alicia Williams has been in love with Ben Mitchell since he picked her up out of the mud in primary school. But sports-obsessed Ben has dreams to make it big and see the world, and those dreams don’t include the girl next door, no matter how perfect she is. Ben is forced to choose and he leaves Alicia behind – but dreams can change and regrets can grow. When Ben returns back home to the ranch in Colorado Springs, trying to rediscover the man he was meant to be, will the girl he can’t get off his mind still be waiting?



Breaking Love (Full Hearts 2)

BreakingLoveDualCoverThe highly-anticipated follow-up to Break in Two is due out in November 2014

When Megan is convinced by her best friend to take a trip to Paris, she’s thrust into the arms of Luc Chevalier, the sexiest man to ever set foot on the Eiffel Tower. They agree to one night together and no more. In those few short hours he manages to draw out the passionate woman that Megan has carefully hidden way for years. Once she has a taste of what she’s been missing, she finds it almost impossible to go back to her life as it was.